With the current situation seeing more of us needing to work from home than ever before, we wanted to share our top tips in keeping positive and productive when WFH.


Set your alarm

You might not need to leave as early to get to your desk when you cut out commuting time, but don’t just use that extra time to snooze your alarm and sleep in.

You’ll feel much better if you get up at your normal time after a good sleep and use that time to do something you normally need to cut out, like meditation, listening to a podcast or making a seriously good breakfast.


Get ready

Make work hours a PJ-free zone. Get up, shower, do your hair and make-up if you’re feeling like it and put on proper clothing; it will make you feel lots more productive, we promise!

We’re not saying suit up for a day sitting at the kitchen table, but even a simple pair of leggings and sweatshirt is a better idea than your jammies.


Structure your day

Team Peachy love a to-do list and Vic swears by the CGD London Weekly Planner to plan out each day and keep productive. We also spotted the site are doing 15% off today. 

Set aside time to have a proper lunch break and decide what you’ll get done each hour and time block as much as possible. It will make you feel more in control of your time.


Eat proper meals

Why is it you can eat like a normal person in an office, but the minute you’re left alone to work at home, you feel the need to eat every single item in your biscuit cupboard?

Okay, so that might be more true for Rach than Vic (Vic’s self control is a lot stronger than Rach’s hangry self), but working from home really does highlight how important it is to have really filling, nuturious meals.

Start with a good protein-packed breakfast, like eggs, have a yummy lunch made to look forward to (current Peachy faves are chicken and goats cheese salads with plenty of veg or Rach’s homemade tomato, red pepper and chilli soup).

Obvs don’t forget to drink plenty of water too!


Home work outs

Staying active is important for your mental and physical well-being, especially if you’re used to going to the gym or getting your steps in when commuting to the office.

Our client Two Birds has the at-home workouts covered. We worked with gym owner Danny to create a range of home work out videos, all available for free here.


Create a workspace

Try and have a separate space, like the kitchen table or a desk in a spare room, as a designated work space to keep work and living separate.

When you finish the working day, it’s easier to relax and switch into ‘at home’ mode when you don’t work where you normally chill.


Have a soundtrack

Step away from the TV remote! Judge Rinder or Homes Under the Hammer are not going to make you feel productive.

Instead, make a playlist of songs you love and play them in the background. Vic’s Alexa is firmly part of Team Peachy on the day-to-day basis.


We hope these tips help make working from home a little more positive and productive. Stay safe and stay home as much as possible during this uncertain time.