Just because you’re not currently open for business, it doesn’t mean that you need to shut up shop completely. With people and potential future customers on their phone more than ever, this is great time to build a stronger relationship with your existing customers whilst attracting new followers. We’ve put together our guide on what to post when you don’t know what to post…

Throwbacks ain’t just for Thursdays

Let’s face it, no one has any idea what bloomin’ day it is anyway so use that as an excuse to go wild with the throwbacks. Go through your camera roll and look for anything that helps to show your brand’s journey or has an interesting/funny story attached to it. If it isn’t quite ‘grid-perfect’, then fire it onto Instagram stories; it’s the perfect place for a more raw/behind the scenes look at your business or brand. Remember that time you were nominated for a big award? When you completed a training course? Or got the keys to your first salon? Perhaps when you quit your job to pursue your passion? Post that! 

Knowledge is Power

Don’t assume that your followers know all the things you do on autopilot. You’ve worked for years to build up your knowledge base and skills to a point where you can do things without thinking. Whether that’s sharing a simple skincare routine, how to apply a hair mask, how to curl your hair with straighteners (please, someone to do this – I’m begging!), your favourite at-home treatments, a simple stretching routine or yoga flow, keep creating content and sharing what you know. This is the perfect time to really build your ‘expert status’ and stand out from your competitors. 


For the beauty industry, before and after photos are a great visual tool to grab people’s attention when they’re scrolling. But why not use this time to talk about the difference you make from an emotional point of view. The reason people go for treatments is to feel better about themselves. Maybe you’ve helped someone with skin insecurities feel good enough about their skin to go make-up free? Or perhaps someone has never experienced a good hair day until they came to your salon? Share the emotional transformation behind the transformation photograph. 


Everyone suddenly has a LOT more time on their hands so reach out to previous clients and ask them for a quick testimonial or review. Most people will be glad to help and will probably welcome a distraction, especially if it makes them feel like they’re doing something productive with their day. If nothing else, it’s a good time for you to be reminded of why you do what you do and how much your clients appreciate what you do.

Get Organised

We get so many clients who always complain about having a million photographs in their camera roll but they just never have a chance to actually upload them. Well, now is your chance! You’ll be amazed at how many photographs you find that you can’t believe you didn’t post. We’ve had clients over the last week unsure as to whether or not they should post right now for the fear of beauty treatments etc seeming ‘trivial’ compare to what’s going on in the world but things will go back to normal at some point and you shouldn’t feel guilty for doing all that you can for your business during this uncertain time. 

Share your Story

Now, more than ever, people are craving human connection so don’t be afraid to show the person or people behind the brand. Why did you start your business? What’s your background? Do you have an interesting hobby outside of your business that people wouldn’t know about? Share why you do what you do. Share what makes you passionate about the industry. Maybe there’s someone who inspired you to start your business or maybe even give a shoutout to other businesses that inspire you on the daily. Maybe there’s other brands you really relate to? Get onto stories and tell people why.

Maybe you could post what life is like for you right now. Whether you’re homeschooling or just trying not be driven around the bend by spending every hour of the day with your other half, so many of your followers will be able to relate! Head over to our last post for some of our tips on working form home.

Speaking of Stories…

In our next blog post, we’re going to be sharing all our Insta Story hacks to show you how to up level your story game. We’ll be talking you through all the tools we use to create our stories over on Peachy and now is a great chance to spend a little bit more time getting to grips with some new apps.

Please reach out to us and let us know if you you try any of these post suggestions. You might not feel particularly motivated to post right now but when this is all over, the Instagram algorithm will reward you for being so proactive and creating interesting and engaging content – we promise! 😉