First week of ‘lockdown’ is offically done and I thought this would be a good point to start to start a little lockdown diary. Mainly to keep me sane and give me something productive to do…

First Week Reality Check

I had a really up and down time emotionally the weekend before lockdown. Like everyone, I really hated the uncertainty about what I should be doing, who I should be seeing and visiting. It was actually a relief and I felt much  better after last Monday night when lockdown was announced. Considering how much I hate ‘rules,’ it felt strangely comforting for the decision to be taken out of my hands. It felt like the sooner we get into lockdown, the sooner (hopefully) it’ll all be over.

Living alone, the prospect of seeing absolutely NO ONE for 3 weeks/3 months is quite overwhelming. I’m trying not to think about how long it could be and trying to just focus on the week ahead. I really can’t comprehend not having a proper face to face conversation with anyone for that length of time. I’ve lived myself for years and actually do really love my own space, but I also absolutely love socialising too.  

I also found last week pretty stressful waiting to see what, if any, Government funding we’d be entitled to. As we only launched last year, we seem to fall into the black hole of funding. Nothing quite like a worldwide pandemic to force us to be more creative with our income streams though. 


I work from home a lot anyway so adjusting to that has been easy. Implementing a routine right now has been really helpful for me. I always make sure I’m sitting at a desk and never my couch during the day and the TV stays off. Spotify is my most-used app and I’m constantly on the hunt for good playlists as they totally change my mood.  

As much as the workload for our Peachy clients has, understandably, gone way down, we’re still working away on some fun projects.

We’re also trying to use this time to be as pro-active as possible and provide as much useful content as possible. You can read our previous blog posts from the last week on our top tips for working from home and what to post when you don’t know what to post.

We’re lucky that we can still work on aspects of our business that we do remotely, like brand identity/logo design and website design. We’ve reduced the rate of all these services whilst we have more time on our hands and whilst most businesses have reduced income.

Home Workouts

One thing that I’m always motivated to do is exercise as it always makes me feel so much less stressed. I’m normally a morning workout kinda gal, but right now, a home workout is one of the few things I actually look forward to. I’ve switched to working out at around 5 o’clock when I finish ‘work’ as it motivates me to get through my to do list.

I ordered some fitness equipment a couple of weeks ago and it all arrived last week. I’m actually really enjoying being as creative as I can with what I have. Danny, owner of my amazing gym, Two Birds, has been an awesome support to members and has now started live workouts via Zoom. As much as there are approximately 2,398 new home workout ideas on Instagram every single day, the sense of connection and familiarity is really appreciated. Having to book the live sessions is great for a little bit of accountability too and the daily challenges Danny sends us are TOUGH! 

I use a MyZone belt at the gym to track my workouts and I’ve been using it to make sure my workouts are as consistent as possible. I’m trying to make sure I burn about 400/500 calories per session as I find it easier to focus if I have a goal in mind. I managed to get two 10kg dumbbells, a 15kg sandbag and a suspension trainer so I have no excuse for lots of varied workouts. I’ve been creating circuits, similar to the format of the classes at Two Birds, but using skipping ropes for my cardio between sets. I’m really missing all my gym buddies though and it’s definitely not as much fun flying solo at home.


In terms of my eating habits, I’m actually going to try and use this time of zero social engagements to my advantage. I’m normally pretty healthy but I’m also very easily led astray and succumb to Rach’s mid-afternoon biscuit/chocolate break more often than I’d like to admit. I’ve been repurposing my weekly schedule desk calendar from CGD London (which I swear by) to plan all my meals and it’s definitely helped this last week. I really want to avoid going to the supermarket as much as possible and it’s helped me be much more resourceful.

I’ve been enjoying getting my juicer back out and having a green juice for breakfast. I’ve always been a believer that I don’t really get sick because I eat so many vegetables. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know, but it certainly can’t do any harm.

I’m enjoying cooking way more because I have more time to prep and plan. I’ve been trying to eat all my meals later in the day so that I’m not in front of the couch watching TV for too long every night after dinner.


When I do watch TV, the only thing I’ve really been watching consistently has been Modern Family. It’s now available on Amazon Firestick and every single episode makes me laugh out loud several times. Laughter is the best medicine and a great distraction from all the unsettling information out there.

I did binge watch Tiger King at the weekend and it’s made me question wearing anything leopard print ever again for fear of looking like a crazy (big) cat person! 

Having things to look forward to right now is essential for me. I downloaded the Houseparty app and it has been great for chats with friends over a little gin or two.

We also had our first virtual family quiz on Saturday night and it was actually great fun. Feeling connected in any way is really important right now and we’re so fortunate that we can still communicate in so many ways thanks to technology.

New Skills

I’ve downloaded an advanced Graphic Design course on Udemy as well as a new photography course which I’ve been doing a little bit of every day. Udemy have been doing regular flash sales when you can buy loads of online courses on a huge range of subjects for under £20. They’re normally nearer £200 and are amazing quality and excellent value for money. I’m a bit of a geek anyway so I’d rather spend any free time learning something which I know will be useful.


As I work from home regularly already, week days have been a bit of a breeze for me, but I definitely found it much tougher at the weekend as I felt like I didn’t really have any purpose. I deliberately didn’t want to do any work to differentiate it from weekdays.

Without brunches, football, nights out and hanging out with family and friends to fill my weekend, I made a list of things I’ve been meaning to do for ages which I’ve been putting off. Perhaps a pandemic is the cure for a period of prolonged procrastination…

This list included really exciting things, such as ‘submit meter reading’ to NPower and look for the set of keys for my windows which I ‘lost’ somewhere in my flat a few months ago. Absolutley riveting, huh?

However, I’ll take any small wins right now and checking things off my to do list, no matter how insignificant, feels like a little victory. 

What I’m going to do differently this week

I really feel so much more content this week already. In a way, it’s actually quite nice to not feel like you need to have exciting plans and I’ve been so much more appreciative of what I actually have.

I moved flat a few months ago and I’m really enjoying spending time in my new home. I’ve been organising everything and clearing out every cupboard and drawer. I’ve also been going wild on Pinterest and making some grand plans for decor changes once everything is back to normal.

I decided that I spent WAY too much time in gym clothes last week so I’ve started dressing in non-gym/stretchy clothes this week. It makes me feel better and is a little bit or normality. I’ve realised that I don’t do ‘casual’ very well at all; I’m either sporty or dressy with no in between.

I drank way more last week (every single night!) but let’s just put it down to stress. I love a glass of red wine or a gin so I’m going to save these things for the weekend so that I have something to look forward to.

Last week, I tried to keep myself so busy that I gave myself too many things to do each day. This week, I’m trying to just give myself 3 work-related tasks so that I feel a sense of accomplishment when I actually get everything done.

I haven’t done any yoga in ages, but there are live classes via Two Birds so I’m looking forward to getting back into the flow. If ever there was a need for some zen, it’s right now!

Let us know in the comments how you’ve found the first week of lockdown and if you’ve got any isolation hacks.