Prosecco, marble tables and a strong hat game: this throwback certainly is very ‘us’.

It was at this very table we started discussing potential names for our business.




We had known for a seriously long time that we wanted to launch a business together, but it took this trip to London to attend the BossBabe Retreat for us to get serious and actually put plans in place.

We accidentally stumbled upon this little bistro on the walk back from the luxurious Bloomsbury Hotel (where the retreat was being held) to our very budget friendly Airbnb.



In no rush to return to our basic af room, we ended up spending hours sat at the bistro, drinking prosecco, eating pizza and talking about what we envisioned our business to be.

It felt so exciting that we had the potential to create a brand which put together everything we loved: creative styling, social media campaigns, branding and working with other amazing businesses.



Fast forward nearly 2 years since this photo was taken and we really can’t believe how much of what we spoke about that night actually has come true.

From landing amazing clients to being able to launch our online training during lockdown, we have been really reflecting on how we’ve managed to take our dream of launching a business together and thriving.



So, what’s next? We find it so important never to stop developing our brand so we never sitting still and have lots of exciting news to share soon.

We’re also super excited to launch our FREE Pinterest training masterclass soon – details on that coming ASAP…

Rach and Vic x