Peachy TikTok Masterclass

 your ultimate beginner to bossin’ it TikTok training is here!




Peachy TikTok Training Masterclass

your ultimate beginner to bossin’ it TikTok training is here!



TikTok Masterclass by Peachy - New & Updated for 2024

Ready to grow your brand using TikTok but have no idea where to start?

Join Rach and Vic from Peachy for our new and updated TikTok Masterclass.

This 75 minute digital TikTok training session is packed full of insights and practical tips to grow your brand and see real results!

We’ve not only generated millions of views for our own accounts on TikTok, but we’ve also helped so many of our clients grow their following, build a highly engaged audience, achieve incredible results and generate sales directly from TikTok.

We’ve worked with lifestyle brands across home and interiors, DIY, sustainability, fashion and jewellery, health and beauty as well as personal brands.

Now we’re showing you exactly how you can do this too, completely organically – without spending a penny on ads.

why Peachy?

We’ve been helping clients get real results on TikTok for 3 years and we know we can help you too which is why we’re sharing everything we know!


Who is the TikTok Masterclass for?

Whether you’re a beginner eager to get started because you know you need to be on TikTok in order to grow your brand or a seasoned creator, already comfortable with creating content but really want to fulfill your potential on the platform, the Peachy TikTok Masterclass is for you.

This training is a perfect fit for:

  • Aspiring TikTok creators looking to start strong
  • Business owners looking to tap in to TikTok
  • Entrepreneurs and anyone looking to build their personal brand
  • Social media managers seeking to leverage TikTok for brand growth
  • Brands who are struggling to create the right type of content on TikTok that engages and converts


TikTok Masterclass by Peachy - New & Updated for 2024

We pinpoint exactly the type of content you should be creating in order to see epic results!

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What’s covered in Peachy’s TikTok Masterclass?

We’ve created this digital TikTok training session as the ultimate blueprint in creating a successful and engaged TikTok account. Topics include:

TikTok Strategy: we share the exact tried and tested TikTok strategy we use for ourselves and our clients

TikTok Fundamentals: from setting up your account for success to navigating the app with confidence

Content Creation: how we create engaging videos and the editing tips and tricks we use every time – plus what content you should be creating

Analytics: Finding your niche and understanding your insights to maximise your impact and success, helping you build an engaged audience in record time

What’s included?

75 minute training: we deep dive into the things you need to know to grow on TikTok

Lifetime access: your link includes unlimited access to the training

PLUS TikTok Content Planner (RRP £14.99): the exact we use to plan all of our TikTok content*

a few of the brands Peachy have worked with on TikTok content

Meet your TikTok training team

We’re Rach and Vic, the co-founders of Peachy Creative Media, a leading digital marketing and content creation agency based in Glasgow, Scotland.

With 20+ years of combined industry knowledge and expertise, we worked in fashion, media, events and journalism before launching Peachy in 2019.

Since then we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses to create captivating, viral content for their social channels including Instagram and TikTok.

We are all about bringing our passion, knowledge and creativity to each and every brand we work with.

Why choose Peachy?

We’ve not only grown our brand’s TikTok account to over 36k followers, had millions of views and generated tens of thousands of pounds revenue directly from TikTok, but we’ve also grown our personal brands using the same techniques. We’ll be teaching and showing you the exact type of content that has helped us gain millions of views per month.

Peachy Creative Media's Rach and Vic launch TikTok training masterclass June 2024
Peachy Creative Media's Rach and Vic launch TikTok training masterclass June 2024

How do I access the TikTok Masterclass?

Simply hit the watch now button below to secure the goods and you’ll be sent instant access to the full Masterclass.

The 75 minute pre-recorded training lets you work through each section at your own pace. Plus, you get lifetime access with unlimited replays.

How much is it?

Learn our exact strategy for growing your brand organically on TikTok for just £49.99.

it’s time to get results

If you’re ready to join the hundreds of businesses we’ve helped achieve success on TikTok, sign up and let’s get started…


Peachy results

Here are just some of the incredible results we’ve achieved on TikTok for ourselves and for our clients.