2024 Live Goal Setting Workshop


Grab a glass of Prosecco and get ready to set your goals for 2024 with our live digital workshop on Thursday 4th January from 7pm (UK). In this 90-minute workshop we’ll be showing you exactly how we’re planning our year and sharing our goals for the year ahead – and helping you set your own 2024 goals to set up for a successful year ahead.

We’ve created this digital workshop to help you:

  • Look back on what went well in 2023 – and reflect on what could have gone better
  • Get clear and aligned with your 2024 vision
  • Feel inspired and motivated to set your year up for success
  • Set tangible goals with a timeline to work towards
  • Leave the workshop with an action plan to make your 2024 your best yet!

You’ll also be sent our Goal Setting workbook plus templates to help you create your dream moodboard.


Our 2024 Goal Setting Workshop is a fun, positive and informal online workshop where we’ll be sharing our goals for the year, what we’re going to be doing to go after our goals and everything we’re ready to manifest in 2024!

This live and interactive workshop is for anyone; whether you’re a business owner, content creator or an ambitious individual looking looking for a positive and uplifting way to kick off the year and set some serious goals for 2024.

Before the workshop, we’ll send you a goal setting workbook for you to work through on the call. You can either print this off or grab a journal or notebook to work through the questions and get clear about your vision for 2024 and exactly what you want to manifest in your life!