TikTok Training Masterclass – Beginner to Bossin’ it

TikTok Training Masterclass – Beginner to Bossin’ it

Our brand new TikTok Masterclass is coming in January 2024!

Be the first to get access at our exclusive early bird price… info coming soon.

We create viral-worthy content for TikTok  – and now we want to help you achieve serious results

Our Beginner to Bossin’ It TikTok Training Masterclass is back and bigger than ever for 2024! Ready to up your TikTok game and see serious results?

Who is the TikTok Training Masterclass for?

Put simply, this training is for perfect for brands, social media managers and content creators looking to master the power of TikTok and watch their audience and engagement grow.

Our TikTok training has been designed to suit all stages, from beginners just starting out to those looking to improve on their existing skills and skyrocket their results.

What does the training cover?

In this 2 hour masterclass, we'll be covering:

  • Setting up your account for success
  • Understanding the TikTok algorithm and the unexpected benefits of going viral for your brand
  • The importance of TikTok SEO and categorising your content
  • How we used analytics to go VIRAL and grow our account by 34k in less than 3 months
  • Planning content
  • How to use TikTok to edit videos
  • How to use Capcut to edit videos
  • How to find, save and use trending sounds
  • Your brand story and how to share it
  • What you need to know about the creator fund and how much we've made from going viral!
  • And much, much more!

We've tested these strategies over multiple different accounts and THEY WORK! This is not about luck, it's about a clear strategy and we'll be sharing our tried and test TikTok strategy in this practical and conversational masterclass.

You'll also receive our TikTok Content Calendar to help you plan your content as well as our 30 TikTok Content Ideas eBook completely free!

Important Info:

  • This is a digital training course with all elements sent to you to work through at a time that suits you!
  • You will have unlimited playback access to the recording of the training
  • A Google account is required for access to the TikTok Content Calendar