A strong social media presence for your brand is key in reaching your target audience online and raising awareness of your brand.

Our social media management packages are SO much more than scheduling posts across your chosen platforms. We work to grow your followers organically, transforming likes into loyal customers.

From social media campaigns to creating content guaranteed to resonate with your target audience, Peachy are a full-service social media agency.

Free Canva training by Peachy - Canva for beginners in business


Social media isn’t about posting nice images and waiting on your followers to go up.

It requires strategy, with clear aims and objectives to ensure your social channels are working to support your overall brand vision.

We’re about quality over quantity and work with our clients to define a clear social media strategy, adapting to your changing business needs and delivering results.




At Peachy, we shoot and create ALL the content for our clients because;

1. We’re control freaks

2. We know exactly what type of content works and have a really clear vision for our clients’ brands.

This helps us bring your vision for your brand to life through create engaging, sharable photos, graphics and videos.



From creating creative campaign concepts and engagement-boosting competitions to designing stylish & eye-catching Insta stories, graphics and algorithm-friendly grid content, we’re constantly looking for ways to build your following organically, grow your authority in your industry and truly engage your audience.

We know what works and bring our expertise, knowledge and passion to up-level your brand’s social media presence.

It’s all part of the Peachy service.